3rd Resolution-Be Nice to other Kids who look sad and lonely

poshadogparkMy third New Year’s promise is to be nice to the other dogs in the dog-park. I’m going to ask the dogs that are by themselves to join our playgroup. I know what it’s like to be the only dog not playing, have you ever had that happen? Well, let’s promise to always be nice to the kid who is sad and lonely. Ok?

#2 New Year’s Resolution!!!

Here’s my 2nd New Years promise-I hope you’re counting. I promise to wash my paws every time after I go to the bathroom. Here is me putting my coat on to go to the dog park to go to the bathroom. Do you wash your hands every time you go to the bathroom? I love having my paws washed. Make sure you go to my FACEBOOK page and tell me what your resolution, oh sorry grown-up word-your New Year’s promise is. I will post your name and your promise on my blog. poshacoat

Yappy Happy New Year

IMG_1067 (1)

Hi! I am so excited that it is 2015. This is going to be a great year. Do you know what resolutions are? Resolutions are promises grown-ups make so they can do something better in the New Year. For example, I made a New Year’s resolution to not spread my toys around all over so that my mommy has to clean up after me. Can you resolve to clean up your toys and put them back where they belong? Do you have anything else you’d like to promise for the New Year? Let me know by posting on my Facebook page. Also sign up for my blog updates and I will mention your 2015 promise in my blog update. Hope your New Year is Pawsitively Pawsome!!!!

Pawsitively Great News!-I’m A Star!!

A big paws up!! I’m yappy-happy to announce the book about me, “What Kind of Dog Am I?” was just published on Amazon. Please check it out.

My dog-mommy and my grand-dog-mommy, my “furever family”, wrote the book to teach children all about how to find their identity and boost their self-esteem. I think I look adorable. My illustrator, Emily Foster, did a pawsome job.

Here’s the link to buy the book: http://tinyurl.com/p2zvnr8 then come back to my website and tell me what you think.

Oh, one more thing, if you lend a paw and buy the book before 12/24/14, we’ll give 10% of the proceeds to help my friends at Puppy Love Pet Rescue!!!!

Posha’s First Blog Post

Hi! My name is Posha. I am a rescued dog. I am the happiest, smartest, most playful mystery dog breed in the world. At least that’s what my dog-mommy tells me. I love my mommy more than anything. I also love my Grammy, My Pop-Pop and my dog-sister, Nikkers. I love them all so much.

Some of my favorite things are playing with my dog-friends at the dog park. I also love getting treats from my mommy. I get so excited when I go for a ride in the car with my mommy.

Whenever I meet someone new, they always want to know what kind of dog I am. I must be really different or it wouldn’t bother people that much.

Since so many people seem to want to know “What Kind of Dog Am I”, I decided to write a book to finally answer that question. I think you are really going to like my book, it has lots of really pretty pictures of Nikkers, my mommy and me.

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